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How to Control Dog and Cat Hairs in the House ?

Pet hair is dangerous and if you do not control the amount of them in the house especially in the shedding season. Getting the pet hair count corrected is going to be a task if you don’t know the right measures for it and could eventually lead to diseases even if your pets are vaccinated.

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So, how do you control cat or dog hair in your house and what tools should you use. When you are learning how to deal with dog or cat hair you must realize that you need all the tools to clean them up, the following tips are only about how you can reduce dog hair.

Teach your pets not to climb on the furniture

The first thing you need to do to control dog or cat hair in your house, is to train them to not to climb on the furniture. It is easy to train them with punish and treat method of training. Like if your pet climbs on the furniture pretend to be angry with them, and when they hop off treat them. Though a few pets are slow learners, and some learn really fast, they eventually do learn what you want from them.


This is how to deal with dog or cat hair on your furniture in the easiest way. By limiting the hair on your furniture, you would be reducing your effort of cleaning the floor, the car as well as the furniture. There is hardly anything you can do about the shedding, but you can definitely control where you dog shreds.

Groom your pet

When your dog starts shedding a lot of hair it is time for you to give it a nice bath, a blow dry and then groom it with a brush. When you groom your dog’s hair, it nearly takes out all the hair that it would shed through the week. A nice groom means less hair for you to clean through the week while delaying the groom and ducking from your own responsibilities means more work for you when you clean the house.


This is how to make a dog shed hair and minimize dog hair in your house. However, grooming does not mean there will be no hair. There will still be hair just that there will be fewer and not as much as there used to be before the groom.

Cover your furniture

While a lot of people think that this idea does not work when answered for how to stop dog or cat hair from going everywhere, there is an explanation why this method would work like a charm. Most of the furniture you have is textured or has materials which easily develop static electricity. Dog hair too develop static electricity easily.


The texture and the static electricity pull of more hair for your dog than an uncharged smooth cover would. Also, if the dog shed on the cloth, you can just pick the cloth and dust it out in the open and even wash it on the weekends. This saves you a lot of time from daily vacuuming the pet hair.

Consult your vet

If your pet is shedding a lot of hair there could be something seriously wrong with your pet. While dogs and cats generally do shed a lot of hair, when I say a lot I mean in comparison to that already a lot of hair, does this make sense? Anyway, if your dog is shedding a lot more than what most dogs generally do, or if your dog has started shedding a lot recently, then you might want to get an appointment with a vet.


There are a lot conditions in which a pet sheds a lot more hair than it generally should and it severely harms your pet’s body, so you might as well know what’s going on.

Use a throw rug

The most difficult place to clean for the shed hair is under and in the carpet. It just could not be cleaned without proper equipment and still it could be a task to clean the carpet as most of the carpets generally have a very delicate structure and a strong pull could damage the carpet irreversibly.


The easiest way to dodge this is to use a throw carpet and place it over your actual carpet during the shedding season. This will make sure that all the hair are absorbed by the throw carpet instead of your permanent carpet. You can also use a thinner throw market that can be cleaned or like the name suggests, just throw away the throw carpet once the shedding season is over. Using a throw carpet save you the cleaning time.

Vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is exactly how to minimize dog or chat hair and stop them from going everywhere. A pet friendly vacuum cleaner has a lot of features which aids your cleaning through your carpets, furniture, corners, walls and even ceilings. There are vacuums which clear up multiple surfaces and have a lot more features than you expect from a vacuum cleaner. Some even have a phone holder!

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A vacuum cleaner makes your life 100 times easier than it is. A vacuum cleaner could not only be used to remove the hair from the carpet, it can also be used to remove the hair from your pet’s body and blow dry them after a bath depending on the model you chose for the vacuum cleaner.


Feed Them Omega 3

The pets start shedding or when their hair turn dry and eventually die. The body removes the dead hair to make room for new hair to grow in the same spot. Omega 3 increases the strength of the hair and reduces shedding just like it does in humans.


While direct consumption or a large amount of omega 3 could lead to side effects, replace your dog’s food with something filled with more omega 3. This would definitely reduce the shedding and feed them the vitamins in the right proportion.


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